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IAEE Summit First Impression

IAEE Summit First Impression:

As I sat down at my table before the first workshop started, my first thought was, “Wow. Look at all the plaid shirts!” But soon after the first speaker came to the podium, it became apparent that this Summit was more about camaraderie and shared interests in energy efficiency than about competition in business.

The workshops had many brilliant speakers who shared knowledge and insight on their particular specialty within the energy efficiency field. Topics ranged from the future of energy efficiency, to building modeling, to communication between trade allies and utilities, and how to better serve the customer.

During the reception, as I walked from booth to booth talking to different people, it was interesting to learn what other Companies were doing in the industry. Everyone was so friendly and I was surprised at how people showed interest in what I was doing as someone new to the industry.

I walked away thinking that the field of Energy Efficiency has a lot of very smart people who are forward thinking and eager to expand the field, who also like plaid shirts.

Next year, I’ll remember to pack a plaid shirt.


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