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IAEE Summit First Impression

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

IAEE Summit First Impression: As I sat down at my table before the first workshop started, my first thought was, “Wow. Look at all the plaid shirts!” But soon after the first speaker came to the podium, it became apparent that this Summit was more about camaraderie and shared interests in energy efficiency than about competition in business. The workshops had many brilliant speakers who shared knowledge and insight on their particular specialty within the energy efficiency field. Topics ranged from the future of energy efficiency, to building modeling, to communication between trade allies and utilities, and how to better [...]

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Affordable Multifamily Property Projects – East View Manor

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group recently installed free energy efficiency items at East View Manor, a senior, affordable multifamily property managed by the City of Des Moines. The energy saving items were provided and installed for free as part of the energy efficiency program for affordable multifamily housing. The program, sponsored by Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy and MidAmerican Energy Company, also offers enhanced rebates for energy efficient projects such as heating, cooling, windows, insulation, and additional lighting updates. Rebates can be as high as 40% for materials and labor. For some insulation projects, the rebate can be as high as 70% [...]

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TEG Visits the Kinseth Hospitality Trade Show

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Last week, The Energy Group visited Bellevue, NE for the 2017 Kinseth Hospitality Trade Show. Throughout the morning, we got to converse with other vendors before the main trade show began. TEG staff members Emily, Candace, and myself had the pleasure of meeting and talking with all the Kinseth hotel managers along with some members of the leadership team, including Bruce and Gary Kinseth.   Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, and interested in what we could do to help them save money on utility costs. We answered many great, insightful questions. A few of those interested in energy efficiency [...]

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TEG Visits Adventure Lighting

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

  A recent venture to Adventure Lighting, a local lighting vendor, shed new light (pun intended) on the emerging world of LED lighting and controls. A staggering amount of coal and natural gas is burned every day to supply light to empty spaces. Whether we are looking at empty corridors, parking lots, or offices, the savings potential of replacing legacy lighting with LED and using controls are considerable, as is the electricity and dollars wasted by not pursuing energy efficiency.   The first thing shown to the TEG crew was the increasingly popular linear LED tube lamp, which is quickly [...]

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Alliant Energy Hosted Annual Energy Summit

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Alliant Energy hosted their annual Energy Summit in Cedar Rapids, IA this week to celebrate their customer’s achievements in energy efficiency. Where were able to exhibit alongside contractors, engineering firms, and other energy services professionals. We will provide a breakdown of the event from our perspective shortly, but for now you can check out presentations from the event here.

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The Energy Groups Attends City of Ames Eco Fair

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group exhibited at the City of Ames’ Annual Eco Fair. Each year the City of Ames hosts this fair for all City of Ames residents to educate and raise awareness of sustainable practices, and to connect residents with business who can help them lower their impacts through a variety of methods, from rain capture to goat grazing, energy efficiency and more. We were able to connect with dozens of homeowners interested in signing up for the City of Ames Residential Energy Audit, a service provided to all City of Ames customers at no cost. All attendees who signed [...]

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The Energy Group Attends 25th Annual Economic Development Conference

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Peoria, IL: The 25th Annual Rural Community Economic Development Conference, “Revitalization and Development Opportunities,” offered community leaders a multitude of strategies geared toward addressing the economic challenges confronting the nation. The Energy Group was among nearly 250 participants from throughout the Midwest who embraced the opportunity to learn from the successes of other community development professionals working to improve the economic environment. The Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs (IIRA) hosts the conference each year in affiliation with the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, chaired by Lt. Governor Sheila Simon, and Rural Partners. Jim Crandall of the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center began [...]

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Birthday & Energy Efficiency at Botanical Center

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Today we celebrate the birthdays of Emily Rice and Abraham Lincoln. In an attempt to bring summer to February, TEG staff grabbed their tropical shirts and headed down to the Botanical Center in Des Moines for lunch. If you haven’t been, you should go. And if you haven’t been recently, you should go back. They recently remodeled and have a wonderful plant-inspired menu, beautiful gardens, and 84 degree balmy weather! During the recent remodel Stefan Ganev, engineer and energy analyst at TEG, performed the energy analysis to assist the Botanical Center with their rebates from MidAmerican Energy’s custom energy efficiency program. While we waited for [...]

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2014 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Each year, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) holds their annual Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago, IL. The annual conference is a chance for energy professionals to continue to promote the importance of energy efficiency in the Midwest, while celebrating the accomplishments from the past year. This year, Les and Amber attended the event which was held at the Fairmont Hotel in January. There were several interesting sessions at this year’s conference; discussing everything from water efficiency to energizing rural efficiency. At one event highlighting rural efficiency, panelists discussed new opportunities such as federal grant programs, collaborative networks, and [...]

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IAMU 2014 Leadership Conference

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

TEG attended the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) Leadership Conference in Des Moines, IA last week. IAMU is a member-driven organization that serves Iowa’s municipal utilities and their interests. Each year they invite their members, vendors, and industry leaders to this event for state regulatory, legislative and policy updates. They recognize leaders with the Energy Efficiency Leadership Awards as well as conduct committee and business meetings. Debbie Durham, Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority stopped by to share how “Iowa is Working”. Attendees got to hear about the innovative ways IEDA is attracting businesses to Iowa, creating job opportunities and generating [...]

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