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Builder Training: Let’s Sell Energy!

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

CALLING ALL homebuilders, remodelers and heating and cooling contractor: come learn sales strategies increase profitability and strengthen the reputation of your company. This training teaches builders and contractors how to leverage energy efficiency benefits for better sales results. Please join us in either Ames or Cedar Rapids.  You will be amazed by the nationally recognized speakers and local presenters we have lined up. Energy efficiency is a win-win for both the homebuilder and the home buyer.  The homebuilder establishes the reputation as a company building lasting quality, home comfort and energy efficiency from the inside, out. Attention to detail during the […]

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Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Wearing green is a time-honored tradition for St. Patrick’s Day – nobody wants to get pinched! But instead of wearing green for a single day, why don’t you and your colleagues incorporate GOING green into your office culture? Check out the infographic for more details on how your office can go green this holiday.  

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DMPS to Charge Teachers for Personal Appliances in the Classroom

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Today it was reported by KCCI that the school district plans to implement a new policy to charge teachers annual fees to keep personal appliances in their classrooms.  The ultimate goal is for teachers to get rid of personal appliances to reduce energy usage throughout the district.  For example, based on the national average 11.8 cents a kWH, one mini fridge can cost anywhere from $27 to $80 a year to operate depending on the model.  DMPS is among many school districts and employers throughout the country attempting to make similar behavioral modifications.  For example,  in 2011 Limestone County Schools […]

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City of Ames Smart 150 Challenge

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The City of Ames is using their city’s sesquicentennial to reiterate their commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability through a new program. The City of Ames is calling for 150 businesses to participate in “Smart Business” or to take the “Smart 150 Challenge” to make Ames a more sustainable city.  The Smart 150 Challenge takes aim at improving the following sustainable measures: Energy and Water Conservation Transportation Waste Reduction Indoor & Outdoor Environmental Quality Carbon Footprint Community Engagement By participating, businesses can take advantage of rebate programs and implement a business energy plan that not only saves money, but helps […]

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The Energy Groups Attends City of Ames Eco Fair

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group exhibited at the City of Ames’ Annual Eco Fair. Each year the City of Ames hosts this fair for all City of Ames residents to educate and raise awareness of sustainable practices, and to connect residents with business who can help them lower their impacts through a variety of methods, from rain capture to goat grazing, energy efficiency and more. We were able to connect with dozens of homeowners interested in signing up for the City of Ames Residential Energy Audit, a service provided to all City of Ames customers at no cost. All attendees who signed […]

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TEG to Assist Dubuque’s GHG Reduction Plan

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Have you heard of Green Dubuque? It is a volunteer-led, 501(c)3 non-profit formed in 2007 to serve the Dubuque region. These cats are focused on clean air and water, social equity, climate action, and energy efficiency (among other relevant issues). They’ve set an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their community 50% by 2030! They aim to achieve this goal, not through regulation, but through “no regret solutions” which, regardless of the severity of climate change or who’s to blame, will positively impact the community and environment. TEG will be working with Green Dubuque as they expand their solutions […]

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TEG Adds Alternative Energy Analysis to Portfolio

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group is pleased to announce the most recent addition to our suite of energy efficiency services: analysis and feasibility studies for alternative energy projects. Our team is using National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) methodology to assess a variety of alternative energy projects; solar photovoltaic, conventional thermal, wind energy, biomass, and biogas. We’ve received significant interest in assessing solar photovoltaic projects, ranging from individual solar panels for a home or business to community solar gardens. If you have a solar project in mind you can contact Jonathan Roberts and if you are thinking of applying for a REAP grant to fund your alternative […]

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Iowa Energy Center: Your Resource

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Iowa Energy Center was established by the Iowa General Assembly and enacted in to law in 1990. It serves as an objective resource for all energy consumers; homeowners, business owners, energy professionals, students, etc. They research and demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at their two facilities, one at the DMACC-Ankeny campus and the other in Nevada, IA. They often provide training on renewable energy and energy efficiency. K-12 schools, businesses, and industry professionals can inquire about relevant workshops and training events. Additionally the IEC sponsors research and projects through three loan and grant programs: competitive grants, youth […]

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USGBC Hosts Legislative Preview

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The 2014 Iowa legislative session is underway! Sunday we attended a legislative preview hosted by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Those in attendance were able to discuss environmental issues and concerns as well as hear about related legislative priorities for the 2014 session. In attendance were key democratic members of Iowa House Committees and 10-12 groups, representing environmental-and energy-focused groups and businesses. Marti Anderson, Chris Hall, Curtis Hanson, Dave Jacoby, and Jo Oldson were in attendance, among other representatives. Representative Chuck Isenhart, a ranking member on the House Environmental Protection Committee, kicked off the event and many topics were discussed. One hot […]

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USDA NCAH Green Team Sustainability Fair

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

In late April, Chad and Jesse represented The Energy Group at the USDA National Center for Animal Health (NCAH) Green Team Sustainability Fair in Ames, Iowa.  The purpose of the fair was to promote local sustainability and “green” companies to USDA employees.  Exhibitors ranged from the City of Ames and Boone County Landfills to local food coops.  The official mission of the NCAH Green Team is “to assist the NCAH Board of Directors in promoting environmental stewardship at NCAH through increased awareness, continuous improvement and employee participation”.  During the fair The Energy Group helped educate employees about energy efficiency programs […]

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