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Easily Implemented Energy Saving Tips

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Energy efficiency is a noble goal to strive for, but sometimes the realities of life (namely, money or the lack thereof) can get in the way of realizing these goals. Cindy, our manager for TEG’s Affordable Housing Program, has put together this helpful infographic that provides budget-friendly ways for you and your tenants to save energy – and money. Click on the link below to view and download the infographic. Energy Saving Tips Flyer 6.9.2017

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The Super Bowl and Energy Efficiency

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Super Bowl LI is this Sunday! Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Falcons fan, chances are you’re either holding a Super Bowl party or attending one hosted by friends or family. With so many people tuning in, you may think that energy usage spikes during this time- but in reality, it actually drops! How does this work? According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, this drop in energy use occurs precisely because of the number of people who hold or attend Super Bowl parties. Say you’re attending a watch party with seven other people. Only one TV is [...]

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The (Savings) Power of LED Lights

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

2017 has brought some exciting new changes with our installations! TEG is now installing LED light bulbs and fixtures as part of our Energy Efficiency for Affordable Housing program. Check out the infographic for more details on how LEDs can save you and your tenants even more money.  

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2016 TEG Accomplishments: Affordable Housing in Iowa

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Residential buildings, including multi-family housing, are one of many sectors The Energy Group serves. Check out the graphic below to see the ways in which TEG assisted affordable housing facilities in the state of Iowa during 2016. To learn more about our residential services, click here.    

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Happy New Year from The Energy Group

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

    As 2016 comes to an end, we take the time to reflect on our accomplishments and look ahead to the coming year. Like many of you, we’ve come up with a few New Year’s Resolutions that will help us grow personally and professionally.   Affirm our commitment to healthy and sustainable practices The Energy Group is committed to implementing and practicing sustainability measures, as stated in our Sustainability Commitment. In 2017 we plan on encouraging carpooling and utilizing mass transportation among staff to further our sustainability aims, and promoting health initiatives for our staff. These initiatives include biking [...]

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Iowa State Park Embraces Renewable Energy

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Honey Creek Resort State Park in Rathbun, IA has made a committment to sustainability. As stewards of the environment they have made the golf course eco-friendly with native prairie grass, electric golf carts, and conscious chemicals. Furthermore they have installed solar panels and wind energy to offset usage in the cabins and clubhouse while solar water heating is used at the main hotel. They claim to be “Iowa’s greenest resort” and it would seem they are deserving of such a title.   Kelly and his family visited Honey Creek over the weekend and had a great time. There’s even a [...]

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International Code Council Membership

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

TEG is now a member of the International Code Council, “a member-focused association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures”. The International Codes (I-Codes) provide minimum safeguards for people in all different building environments.  Fifty states and the District of Columbia have adopted the I-Codes at the state or jurisdictional level.  Through the ICC membership, TEG now has the ability to directly your answers to any current code standards, code news, or code changes as many states continue to adopt the standards.  TEG now also has [...]

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By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group is hosting the kickoff to TEGif!, a monthly networking event for energy efficiency and sustainability professionals, on Thursday, March 28th from 3:30PM-5:30PM. TEGif! will provide a casual setting for professionals in the industry to engage, collaborate, and learn.  We are very excited to host the first of hopefully many meetings. To RSVP, please contact Jesse Dick by Tuesday, March 26th via email at Our office is located at 2704 Easton Blvd Des Moines, IA 50317. See you there!

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The Green Ninja – Superhero Against Climate Change

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Everyone has heard the phrases “give a hoot, don’t pollute”, “only you can prevent forest fires”, and “you gotta play it safe around power lines”.  Woodsy Owl, Smokey Bear, and Louie the Lightning Bug have all been effective mascots in public service announcements to teach children safety tips.  In the wake of a potential global crisis the Colleges of Science, Humanities, and Arts and Spartan Film Studios from San Jose State University have created a mascot to fight climate change. The Green Ninja, trained in the mountains of Japan, helps in the fight against climate change by educating citizens on how [...]

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M&M Lighting Stops by to Showcase Lighting Controls

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Wes Langfilt from M&M Lighting and Julie Hudson from Adventure Lighting joined us for a lunch and learn on Friday.  During the lunch and learn, we discussed the changing technology in the lighting industry.  Wes brought LED troffer, parking lot, HID, and flood light fixtures.  While showing us the lights, Wes stressed “controls, controls, controls”.  Just purchasing an LED light fixture will only save so much on your next energy bill.  Learning to control the LED light through dimming and occupancy sensor features will customize the light to best fit your needs while further decreasing your electric consumption.  One cool [...]

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