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I worked with the Energy Group on many multifamily projects. I found their work to be outstanding. By combining their services with our needs, they were able to approve us for substantial rebates from the utility companies. We were able to save thousands on energy costs, and help the environment too. The Energy Group always went to bat for us to make our projects successful. I highly recommend them.
Spike Pedersen, Project Manager, HOMZ Management.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has been widely adopted in commercial buildings throughout the past 10 years, promoting energy savings and improved light outputs. But, what about the hospitality industry where the look and aesthetic are crucial to each restaurant, hotel, and shop? The original LED bulbs were efficient but not attractive. Today, we can have both efficiency and aesthetics with new generation LED bulbs. If you wrote off LED bulbs for your hotel or spa 5 years ago, check again. LED bulbs now come in all-glass “vintage” styles that are made to mimic the aesthetic of old incandescent bulbs. […]

Karen Sweeney on 19th November 2019

Manufacturing operations are faced with many challenges in today’s marketplace. Plants must stay competitive to keep the doors open; sell what is manufactured at a cost higher than what it costs to produce. Global competition says they must be lean and efficient. Production costs can include such items as raw materials, labor, plant and equipment, maintenance, utilities, warehouse and shipping to name a few.  Reducing the cost of any of these items can add to the companies’ profitability and increase shareholder value.  Managerial performance is recognized when production costs are reduced and profits increase. Operating an efficient plant can improve […]

dahlberg on 18th October 2019

The key to maximizing profits for your operation is to reduce expenses. There are many ways this can be done, but one of the best and most predictable ways is to lower your production costs by improving the energy efficiency of your operation. Production costs are part of doing business and whether you grow row crops or raise livestock, production costs are always there. So anytime costs can lower, the savings go directly to the bottom line. Read on to learn more about four ways to save energy on your farm as well as how you can get funding to […]

dahlberg on 13th September 2019

The Des Moines city council passed an energy and water benchmarking ordinance on June 3rd. Here’s what that means: Buildings over 25,000 square feet within Des Moines city limits are now required to report their annual energy and water usage to the city once a year starting in 2020. Read on to learn what benchmarking is, if your building is included in this ordinance, how an energy professional can help you, and the answers to some common questions. In this article you’ll learn: Who does this affect? What is energy and water benchmarking? Common Questions Benefits of Energy Professionals Who […]

Karen Sweeney on 22nd August 2019

New LED lighting technology has both the beauty of traditional filament bulbs and the efficiency of the latest LEDs.

Karen Sweeney on 6th June 2019

Do you have an indoor pool in the building you manage? Are you interested in reducing humidity problems, using less make-up water and chemicals, and saving energy?

Mike on 3rd June 2019

Monsoon season right now here in Central Iowa. However we all know what’s coming soon – hot, dry, windy weather.

dahlberg on 29th May 2019

Grocery and convenience stores use significant amounts of energy due to long hours and large energy demands for refrigeration, display lighting, cooking, and heating and cooling.

Josh on 28th May 2019

The Energy Group (TEG) recently helped a local 4A school district begin the process of converting their schools’ lighting to LED.

Josh on 17th May 2019

Familiar forms of refrigeration include household refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and central air conditioners that use vapor-compression refrigeration cycles.

Lee on 13th May 2019

Energy modeling is a process which involves creating computer models of a buildings or facilities in order to analyze them and their energy usage.

Ryan on 7th May 2019

For many of us buying the right lighting product for the application can be a daunting task. With the phase-out of the old-style incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and even newer light emitting diode (LED) lamps are taking their place.

dahlberg on 3rd May 2019

Interview with a BDT Technician

Coy Bundy on 16th April 2019

The Energy Group is excited to congratulate Des Moines Public Schools on earning Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for the 8th year in a row.

Mike on 10th April 2019

TEG will be connecting with Iowa School Buildings and Grounds Association (ISBGA) members at the ISBGA Spring Conference this week. If you are attending, stop by and see us!

Emily on 10th April 2019

For many a variable speed drive still holds some mystery. I found it’s best understood if we take something we do nearly every day and relate it to the four common methods.

Mike on 2nd April 2019

Businesses need energy to operate. But are the business owners aware how their energy is being used?

Karen Sweeney on 29th March 2019

Air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels does significant harm to public health in the U.S. Here are some revealing facts.

Josh on 27th March 2019

Many of us take the opportunity to “Go Green” on St. Patrick’s Day. We will attend parties and parades, dress up in green costumes, partake in a corned beef and cabbage meal, or maybe even drink a few green beers.

dahlberg on 14th March 2019

Recently the City of Ames held a recognition luncheon for members of its Smart Business Challenge. Find out what they did for their members.

Ryan on 6th February 2019

Why is energy efficiency important?

There are many benefits to having a building that operates efficiently; the most obvious being reduced energy and operational costs.

Admin on 3rd January 2019