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Alliant Energy’s Commercial New Construction Incentive Program

Alliant Energy believes “energy-efficient buildings use less energy, cost less to operate, and impact the environment less than conventional buildings”. And we agree! To further support their message, they have developed a program to assist commercial facility owners and developers build in energy savings during the design phase on both new construction and major remodel projects. Iowa and Minnesota customers in Alliant Energy’s service territory may qualify for the Commercial New Construction Incentive Program and, if eligible to participate, customers could receive free energy design assistance by means of comprehensive energy modeling as well as design team and construction incentives.

By designing in energy savings prior to construction you not only can save energy but add investment value. The following is a list of design systems that may be optimized through energy modeling:

  • Daylight controls (by space type)
  • Envelope systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Lighting controls and design
  • Load responsive equipment
  • Outside air control systems
  • Window glazing
  • Window layouts

There are two options or “tracks” for building owners or developers to receive incentives: Custom Track Custom and Custom Plus Track. Custom Track Custom is for projects designed to achieve energy savings of 30 to 40 percent better than Energy Code while Custom Plus Track is for projects that aim to achieve energy savings of 40-60% better than Energy Code. In order to qualify for the Commercial New Construction Program, facilities:

  • Must be new construction or major remodel
  • Must achieve at least 15 percent (Custom Track Custom) or 40 percent (Custom Plus Track) greater than ASHRAE 90.1.2004 Energy Code
  • Must receive electricity or electricity and natural gas from Alliant Energy
  • Must be located in Alliant Energy’s service territory

It’s a win-win-win from design to construction to operation. For more information contact Alliant Energy at 1-866-ALLIANT or follow link below.


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