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2013 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

Emily and Kelly attended and exhibited at the 2013 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference at the Fairmont Hotel Chicago from January 16-18th.  The Energy Solutions Conference is an annual event held by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) for all energy sector professionals to continue education and advancement of energy efficiency in the Midwest.  The annual conference is also a way to celebrate and acknowledge those leading in the advancements of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Emily exhibiting during the conference.

MEEA was created “as a central source of information” for over 100 members in the energy sector ranging from utilities and non-profits, to government agencies and energy professionals.  Their mission “is a collaborative network advancing energy efficiency in the Midwest to support sustainable economic development and environmental preservation”.  The central source of information is voiced through trainings and events that are held throughout the year.  The Midwest Energy Solutions Conference wraps up every year as a way to celebrate with members while reminding them that there is so much more work left to do.

At the 2013 Conference, trainings and seminars were held to answer a series of questions raised throughout the year.  These questions included:

  • Will smart grid technology promote energy efficiency?
  • Are energy efficiency goals for utilities achievable?
  • How can utilities partner with industrial for increased energy savings?
  • How effective are behavior change programs?
  • How much energy savings can come from building energy codes?
  • What is the future of energy efficiency in the Midwest?

About 600 energy professionals attended the event to discuss and attempt to answer these questions. The participants also had a chance to meet and greet with exhibitors marketing new products to help them advance their companies.  The Energy Group reached out to energy professionals about all of our tools and solutions, including our experience in program development and turn-key energy assessments.

TEG is always excited to participate in the conference and the trip to Chicago isn’t so bad either! This year the team found time to head to Ditka’s Restaurant for some fancy steaks. Mike was there, of course, and we had to say “hello”.

Emily even met Mike Ditka!

We look forward to continued partnership with MEEA and next year’s Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. Maybe Ditka will buy the next round of steaks!


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