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TEG Adds Alternative Energy Analysis to Portfolio

The Energy Group is pleased to announce the most recent addition to our suite of energy efficiency services: analysis and feasibility studies for alternative energy projects. Our team is using National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) methodology to assess a variety of alternative energy projects; solar photovoltaic, conventional thermal, wind energy, biomass, and biogas.

We’ve received significant interest in assessing solar photovoltaic projects, ranging from individual solar panels for a home or business to community solar gardens. If you have a solar project in mind you can contact Jonathan Roberts and if you are thinking of applying for a REAP grant to fund your alternative energy project, contact Chad Kloberdanz.

We have always provided unbiased advice to our customers and these alternative energy projects are no different. We subscribe to the philosophy that the first step towards optimal building performance is energy efficiency. A building with, for example, low-performing equipment, dated lighting technology, or an aging roof may not be ready for alternative energy installation. If a building is not ready or if the economics don’t support an alternative energy project, we will communicate that.

Our goal is to help communities, utilities, and end users, residential or commercial, determine whether the alternative energy project they have in mind is economical. We have a corporate commitment to sustainability and we have worked on a multitude of alternative energy projects. The business case varies across the state of Iowa as well as across the Midwest and country. Ultimately we support alternative energy where it is economical for our customers and we are excited to be able to help!


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