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Energy Efficiency Prescriptive Rebate Processing

Who doesn’t want to get a rebate for purchasing energy efficient equipment?  We all do, and utility company rebates are set up to encourage the purchase of more efficient equipment instead of a baseline or a code based piece of equipment.  The rebate can help with the higher incremental cost of the more efficient system.  For instance, a residential natural gas furnace has a manufacturers minimum 80% AFUE efficiency rating.  Utility rebate dollars are available to encourage a higher efficiency, say 96% AFUE.  In addition to the rebate savings, month after month energy savings accumulate over the useful life of the equipment from a base level system vs. a more efficient system.  In our example of a natural gas furnace, the useful life can be as high as 25-years.  That’s 200 months of energy savings over a base level furnace (assuming eight heating months throughout the year).

Rebate application details and forms are available on utility company websites.  Your contractor can also assist with rebate processing.  Once the qualifying equipment is installed, submit the rebate application along with the dealer invoice and specification sheets. Customer and contractor signatures are generally required on the application.  Don’t delay as some utility companies have a window for purchase/installation to rebate submission and you don’t want to miss out on the rebate.

The Energy Group can answer questions as to energy savings between baseline and efficient systems. Feel free to give us a call at 877-571-6625. For a small fee we can calculate estimated energy savings, bill savings, simple payback, and return on investment.  A wise choice for a piece of equipment that has the potential to last for a long time. Be energy wise.

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