The Energy Chronicles

Why monitoring your home’s energy usage is important.

Shelter is a basic need, so many feel we have no control over the expense. Much like food, while it is necessary, we actually have a great deal of control. Although we need to eat, we have a choice to eat out at expensive restaurants, greatly increasing food costs, or we can purchase sale priced ingredients, cook at home and eat nutritious, delicious foods at a very reasonable price.

Likewise, we need the shelter and warmth our home and utilities provide. Cranking up the heat in a drafty, poorly insulated home causes long term unnecessary spending. By properly insulating our homes, sealing cracks, and keeping thermostats set at a maximum temperature of 68 degrees in the winter months, we can greatly reduce our energy usage and spending. Installing a programmable thermostat and using set-backs to reduce temperatures at night and during hours we are not home will increase our energy savings even further. As an added bonus, we can breathe easier knowing we’re doing our part to reduce our carbon foot print.

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