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Energy Savings in Grocery Stores

Grocery and convenience stores use significant amounts of energy due to long hours and large energy demands for refrigeration, display lighting, cooking, and heating and cooling.

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Iowa School Begins LED Retrofit Process

The Energy Group (TEG) recently helped a local 4A school district begin the process of converting their schools’ lighting to LED.

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Energy Efficiency: A Breath of Fresh Air

Air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels does significant harm to public health in the U.S. Here are some revealing facts.

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New Approaches to Home Energy Efficiency Incentives

Several tough and interesting topics were engaged during the recent Iowa Energy Summit, an annual gathering of industry professionals, utility representatives, lawmakers, real estate professionals and others. Three presentations put a spotlight on single-family and low-income homes and innovative ways to boost participation in energy efficiency programs. The first speaker came to us from the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), based in Minneapolis. Shockingly to my ears, the pilot they conducted tallied roughly 30% of participating homes in this chilly region lacking any wall insulation. This non-profit has taken a hip-deep approach to turning audits into projects, coordinating with […]

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TEG Visits Adventure Lighting

  A recent venture to Adventure Lighting, a local lighting vendor, shed new light (pun intended) on the emerging world of LED lighting and controls. A staggering amount of coal and natural gas is burned every day to supply light to empty spaces. Whether we are looking at empty corridors, parking lots, or offices, the savings potential of replacing legacy lighting with LED and using controls are considerable, as is the electricity and dollars wasted by not pursuing energy efficiency.   The first thing shown to the TEG crew was the increasingly popular linear LED tube lamp, which is quickly […]

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