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City of Ames Smart Business Challenge Luncheon

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Recently the City of Ames held a recognition luncheon for members of its Smart Business Challenge. Find out what they did for their members.

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Save Money and Energy During the Winter Season.

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Making sure exterior doors have adequate weather stripping along the bottom and sides of the door jam to help to prevent air infiltration. Programming your thermostat to automatically adjust at times when your home is unoccupied. This works well with individuals who have regular schedules. Having an energy audit done by their utility company to help them to identify energy saving measures. And especially to inspect insulation levels to ensure that they are up to code. If there’s not enough, they may be spending more on their heating bill. For newer homes that have several can light fixtures…these can be […]

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DMPS to Charge Teachers for Personal Appliances in the Classroom

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Today it was reported by KCCI that the school district plans to implement a new policy to charge teachers annual fees to keep personal appliances in their classrooms.  The ultimate goal is for teachers to get rid of personal appliances to reduce energy usage throughout the district.  For example, based on the national average 11.8 cents a kWH, one mini fridge can cost anywhere from $27 to $80 a year to operate depending on the model.  DMPS is among many school districts and employers throughout the country attempting to make similar behavioral modifications.  For example,  in 2011 Limestone County Schools […]

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Citi and Green Campus Partners Give Energy Efficiency a Boost with Revolving Credit Line

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Citi for Cities has partnered with Green Campus Partners to dedicate $50 million dollars to a revolving line of credit for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through the Citi For Cities initiative. Access to funding is a significant barrier for many entities to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy measures and reduce operating costs. The Citi For Cities initiative aims to overcome this challenge by providing a financing mechanism that will enable communities to install cost saving measures, stimulating economic growth and enhancing prosperity. For more information visit

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TEG Adds Alternative Energy Analysis to Portfolio

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Energy Group is pleased to announce the most recent addition to our suite of energy efficiency services: analysis and feasibility studies for alternative energy projects. Our team is using National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) methodology to assess a variety of alternative energy projects; solar photovoltaic, conventional thermal, wind energy, biomass, and biogas. We’ve received significant interest in assessing solar photovoltaic projects, ranging from individual solar panels for a home or business to community solar gardens. If you have a solar project in mind you can contact Jonathan Roberts and if you are thinking of applying for a REAP grant to fund your alternative […]

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Iowa Energy Center: Your Resource

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

The Iowa Energy Center was established by the Iowa General Assembly and enacted in to law in 1990. It serves as an objective resource for all energy consumers; homeowners, business owners, energy professionals, students, etc. They research and demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at their two facilities, one at the DMACC-Ankeny campus and the other in Nevada, IA. They often provide training on renewable energy and energy efficiency. K-12 schools, businesses, and industry professionals can inquire about relevant workshops and training events. Additionally the IEC sponsors research and projects through three loan and grant programs: competitive grants, youth […]

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Funding Available for Rural Programs & Projects

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

During FY 2014 91 million dollars will be available for loans and 10 million dollars available for grants through the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG) program. This program enables revolving loan funds, managed through local rural utilities, to fund and assist with projects that will stimulate the local economy. These dollars would be awarded to entities that: Have borrowed and repaid or pre-paid an insured, direct, or guaranteed loan received under the Rural Electrification Act or, Be a not-for-profit utility that is eligible to receive assistance from the Rural Development Electric or Telecommunication Program Be a current Rural […]

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