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Lowering Energy Bills Saves The Planet.

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

Are your walls and ceilings at the recommendation levels of insulation?. If they are not, updating your insulation can save on your energy bills and save on CO2 from 140 to 2100 pounds per year. Also, people in the colder climates can produce up to 5.5 tons of CO2 from natural gas, 8.8 tons of CO2 for oil, and 23 tons of CO2 from electric heaters. Weatherizing your home with heat shrink plastic can save 1100 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. Using the recommended setting on major appliances can save on your energy bills and also CO2 emissions. *Think […]

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I’ll Make Me a World in Iowa Education Day

By Jesse on 27th August 2014

On Friday January 27th, The Energy Group, on behalf of MidAmerican Energy Company, presented an energy efficiency workshop at the 14th annual I’ll Make Me a World in Iowa Education Day.  Students from all over the State of Iowa gathered to participate in the Education Day and had opportunities to take part in workshops such as Step Classes, Spoken Word Poetry, and of course, MidAmerican Energy Company’s Energy Efficiency in Iowa workshop.  During the workshop, students learned how electricity was made, how energy efficiency benefits them and simple things they can do at home to save energy and money.   Since […]

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