The Energy Group (TEG) has spent the last thirty years helping institutional clients such as local governments, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities lower and manage energy costs through energy efficiency strategies. We help institutions with comprehensive planning, project management, and multi-tiered education that lead to lowered energy costs and improved working and learning environments.

The specialized nature of working with institutional clients requires knowledge of public bidding requirements and familiarity with the state administrative code. Our team has built a reputation in the energy efficiency industry on our knowledge of the regulatory processes and financial resources essential for every project’s success. By acting as an extension of the ownership group, TEG helps owners comply with state and federal requirements, allowing our customers to focus on their day-to-day demands.

Our team helps customers overcome financial barriers by pooling all applicable financial resources from programs and organizations. We are familiar with utility incentives, state and federal energy programs, and local organizations that offer financing and funding assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Our knowledge and expertise ensures a cost-effective project, performed on-schedule and on-budget. For questions or more information email or contact The Energy Group at 515-564-1045.


We empower schools to focus energy and budget savings on education through unbiased consultation, training, and support. By helping schools develop energy management plans that pave the way for energy and cost savings and continued energy efficiency education, we are able to optimize building performance, minimize energy costs, and improve comfort for students and faculty.


Many rural businesses are eligible to apply for grants or low-interest financing for energy efficiency and conservation measures via programs like the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). We have helped hundreds of operations successfully fund improvements through REAP and other programs. Our team secures experienced grant writers and coordinates on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your business. Contact, our Ag Division Manager, for more details.
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