The Energy Group helps owners improve comfort and lower energy bills. Our team practices a whole building approach designed to identify energy saving improvements within reach. We also use diagnostic tools to measure airtightness and address condensation issues, enabling homeowners to make informed decisions.

Home energy audits are coupled with diagnostic tools like infrared imaging and blower door testing that assist in diagnosing energy and comfort concerns.  Our energy analysts provide guidance on home energy costs and fluctuations as well as recommended improvements so homeowners can take corrective action. We can also serve as an unbiased advisor for homeowners during installation, assisting with scope of work, bidding, and design. 


Many utility-funded programs are available to assist with assessing a home’s performance and incentivizing homeowners to take action. For questions about what might be offered in your area, contact us today.  

Iowa Income-Based Multifamily

Currently MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, and Alliant Energy offer a joint utility program for income-based multifamily dwellings in Iowa. Eligible participants may receive incentives up to 40% of the installed cost for qualifying measures. Additionally participants receive free direct installs of faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), programmable thermostats, and water heater pipe insulation for all units and common areas. For questions please contact our Support Center.

Ames, IA

The City of Ames offers free home energy audits to its residential customers. Homeowners will receive an energy audit addressing envelope, lighting, HVAC, controls, and comfort issues. Eligible properties will also receive a blower door test and infrared imaging.

For questions please contact our Support Center.

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