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Energy Use Reimbursements for Businesses

Your operation may be eligible to receive reimbursements for energy use!

Greenhouses, Farming Operations, Agricultural Production, Manufacturing, and Food Service may be able to receive Energy Sales & Use Tax Reimbursements from the state Department of Revenue.

A portion of electric and gas usage for operations above may be exempt; this portion could be as high as 99% and could equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Businesses looking to receive reimbursement are required to have an Energy Services Professional conduct an Energy Audit to determine the percentage of exempt versus taxable energy used during operation. These results, along with Exemption Certificates, can be filed annually and may go back up to three years for reimbursement.

The Energy Group makes this process seamless! Our analysts will complete an energy audit, coordinate with your utility provider(s) and provide Exemption Certificates. Call for an inquiry today!

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