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Infrared Thermography

Now is the time to get your home or business checked for insulation and window deficiencies!

As the colder months approach, we are gearing up to heat our spaces and many elect for equipment tune-ups in an effort to avoid wasting money and energy. But a bigger threat to your pocket book may be lingering, – heat loss. If heat is lost, regardless of how efficient the heating system, money is wasted. Don’t underestimate the high costs associated with heat losses due to poor or failed insulation and windows! With our infrared imaging assessment, we will identify weaknesses in the shell of your home or building to save you from potentially hundreds in wasted energy costs. Some customers may be eligible to receive assistance from their local utility for this service, call today for an inquiry.


Infrared thermography is a valuable tool for predictive and preventative maintenance above and beyond insulation and windows. Contact us to learn more about how our infrared imaging can help your home or business save energy and save money.

Thermal Image of Window

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