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Ames Creation Care Workshop

The Energy Group attended the Ames Creation Care Workshop on June 27th.  The Ames Creation Care Group is an organization of churches in and around the Ames, Iowa area.  Mary Jean Baker, an active member within the Creation Care Group, planned to hold a round table discussion about energy efficiency in light of the announcement of upcoming rate changes by the City of Ames electric utility.  TEG was asked to participate in discussion to inform church members about energy efficiency and the importance of getting an energy assessment.  We have been working with the City of Ames for several years to help fulfill their energy efficiency endeavors for their commercial customers.  Over the last couple of years we have performed assessments for about 15 churches in the Ames area.

The City of Ames announced that they are going to be changing their electric rates.  Even though the changes will not go into effect for some time, the city has been very proactive in educating their customers about the changes, why they are necessary and how it will affect their energy bills.  As part of the changes, many larger customers (large power) such as churches and Iowa State University will see the most impact on their electric bills.  Mary Jean Baker and the Creation Care Group has been pushing for many churches to get energy assessments to help identify cost effective ways to lower their electric consumption and avoid larger bills when the rate changes take effect.

Through the event, TEG was able to sign up several churches for assessments.  We are working hard with The City of Ames to help their customers manage their energy usage and cut down on their environmental impacts.  If you are a commercial customer within the City of Ames, contact them to get an energy assessment today!

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