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Anatomy of an Ames Energy Audit

Did you know that TEG provides free home energy audits for City of Ames residents? Here’s what you can expect from a typical residential energy audit.


The audit process involves two things: the site visit and the report. The site visit takes around an hour to complete. During the site visit the air conditioner, furnace, water heater, large appliances, insulation, lighting, and building shell are inspected and information is gathered on them (model/serial numbers, etc.)


Less Air Leaks. More Money.

A blower door test is also run for homes that were built around or before the year 2000. The blower door test can tell us the ‘leakiness’ of the house. The test involves setting up a fan in the door (usually the front door), which will depressurize the home. While the house is depressurized, a physical walkthrough is performed to check exactly where air leaks are occurring and how severe they may be. This test is especially useful in older homes; many owners know their older houses have air leaks, but may not know where the air leaks are. If the home owner has any questions while the analyst is on site, they will be answered immediately.

The report is a broad overlook of the house in general. Specific info is conveyed about each area of the home. In addition, current ages and efficiencies of existing equipment are given as well as potential savings for upgrading equipment. The report will also give tips on getting your home running as efficient as possible. Once completed, the report is sent to the owner, and if they have any further questions, they are free to contact the analyst.


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