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How to Keep Cool With Your Air Conditioner

It feels like monsoon season right now in Central Iowa. However we all know what’s coming soon – hot, dry, windy weather. Now is the time to make sure your air conditioning system will deliver cool comfort to you when its called upon. So how do you prepare for the upcoming cooling season? First check your outside condensing unit. Remove any leaves or debris that may have accumulated over the winter. Some trees drop seeds or pods that can disrupt the airflow of the condenser. Also, make sure weeds or sapling trees are not growing up around the unit hindering the airflow as well.  You then can wash down the condenser fins with a garden hose removing any dust and dirt. It’s best to shut off the disconnect switch adjacent to the unit while doing this. Then it’s a good time to replace the furnace filter, since your air conditioner likely uses the same filter.

Need Help?

Many heating and cooling contractors can perform this service for you along with diagnostic testing for proper air flow and temperature in your home.. Act now to make sure you’re good to go. Heating and cooling contractors are usually swamped with calls the first hot day so you may have to wait. Avoid the heat and keep your cool. If energy use issues still persist following your A/C tune-up, give us a call at the Energy Group to diagnose what else is happening in your home.

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