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Electric Rates Case Study

Successful businesses in today’s world economy pay attention to details. Competition has never been greater with buyers having global access to products and services via the internet. Those succeeding have found ways to manage costs, eliminate waste, expedite delivery, and provide a pleasant customer experience, just to name a few. Provide a quality product or service at a fair price; if you don’t someone else around the globe will do so. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is presenting businesses with unique challenges never seen before. Some businesses have slowed to a snail’s pace while others are furloughing staff. Those on staff […]

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Grocery Store Energy Savings

In the grocery industry, razor-thin margins are the norm for many stores. Since raising prices isn’t usually an option, grocers must look to save money on operating costs to increase profits. With energy bills being one of the larger variable costs, many stores look to energy-efficiency as a way to reduce expenses moving forward. Not only is energy-efficiency a great way to put more money back in your hands, but it also has many additional benefits like improving the health and well-being of your employees, improving the shopping experience for your customers, being seen as a leader of change in […]

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The Power of Improving Energy Efficiency on Your Farm through Grain Storage

As of this writing, most farmers have harvested their 2019 corn and soybean crops. Load after load of grain has been hauled to on-farm grain bins for future sale or hauled to nearby elevators or ethanol/bio-diesel plants for immediate sale. 2019 was a challenging year as spring rains delayed planting and the crops had to remain in the field for longer than past years. Industry experts are calling the 2019 crop to be slightly less than average for most parts of the state.  A fall snowstorm across the state further delayed the harvest. Wet fields certainly hampered getting the crop […]

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The Power of Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations are faced with many challenges in today’s marketplace. Plants must stay competitive to keep the doors open; sell what is manufactured at a cost higher than what it costs to produce. Global competition says they must be lean and efficient. Production costs can include such items as raw materials, labor, plant and equipment, maintenance, utilities, warehouse and shipping to name a few.  Reducing the cost of any of these items can add to the companies’ profitability and increase shareholder value.  Managerial performance is recognized when production costs are reduced and profits increase. Operating an efficient plant can improve […]

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Maximize Profits for your Agricultural Operation with Energy Efficiency

The key to maximizing profits for your operation is to reduce expenses. There are many ways this can be done, but one of the best and most predictable ways is to lower your production costs by improving the energy efficiency of your operation. Production costs are part of doing business and whether you grow row crops or raise livestock, production costs are always there. So anytime costs can lower, the savings go directly to the bottom line. Read on to learn more about four ways to save energy on your farm as well as how you can get funding to […]

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How to Keep Cool With Your Air Conditioner

Monsoon season right now here in Central Iowa. However we all know what’s coming soon – hot, dry, windy weather.

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Why is Buying a Light Bulb so Difficult?

For many of us buying the right lighting product for the application can be a daunting task. With the phase-out of the old-style incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and even newer light emitting diode (LED) lamps are taking their place.

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How Green Are You?

Many of us take the opportunity to “Go Green” on St. Patrick’s Day. We will attend parties and parades, dress up in green costumes, partake in a corned beef and cabbage meal, or maybe even drink a few green beers.

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