We specialize in a variety of energy and utility-based services designed to optimize performance, reduce energy costs, and improve occupant comfort.

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We say “save energy, save money” because “save energy, improve comfort, boost productivity, lower emissions, reduce operating costs, meet sustainability goals, improve reliability, increase performance, improve marketability, reduce vacancy rates, improve property value, lower tenant turnover, offset costs, mitigate risk, increase competitiveness” isn’t as catchy.

Opportunities to save energy are as broad as the benefits of success. Savings potential exists in the buildings we occupy, the equipment we operate, and with the people that use them. How do you know which solutions will deliver? Not only does The Energy Group (TEG) answer that question, but we help you carry out what makes sense, and supply you with the tools needed for continued success.


The Energy Group delivers targeted energy solutions, customized for each unique operation. Learn more about our targeted solutions for your sector. Or get started on the path towards energy savings and contact us today.

Energy Management Program

Robust energy management programs leverage energy efficiency to avoid added infrastructure and improve economic vitality. For more than 25 years TEG has helped utilities and community leaders develop and deliver effective energy efficiency and demand-side management programs. Learn more.

Energy Analysis

Lowering energy and operational costs improve competitiveness for our customers. We identify feasible energy management opportunities through comprehensive analysis in areas of HVAC, envelope, lighting, controls and operation, PC power management, and occupant behavior. By performing an economic evaluation we fully vet each strategy, empowering customers to make the best decisions. Learn more.
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Energy Analysis
TEG performs both comprehensive and measure-specific energy analyses on buildings and systems in order to find the most cost-effective savings opportunities for our customers. Our professional energy auditors examine current performance and quantify the impacts of various, identified improvements. Navigating investment and operating costs, emerging technologies, and financial resources like utility rebates, this results in a roadmap for achieving the highest savings possible.
Energy Sales & Use Tax
Many states offer sales and use tax exemption for energy used directly in manufacturing. This exemption can yield significant savings, through either a refund from overpaid sales and use tax or by establishing an exemption percentage. Our analysts conduct the necessary energy audit and work with the Department of Revenue and service providers to establish exemption and apply for refunds on behalf of our customers.
Infrared Technology
Infrared technology is a diagnostic tool used for predictive and preventative maintenance on equipment and buildings. Our ASNT-trained professionals conduct annual thermal imaging for our customers to identify weaknesses in facilities or equipment. Oftentimes this technology leads to maintenance and operational savings for our customers. Infrared imaging can also help reduce commercial liability premiums for some customers.
Blower Door Testing
Blower Door Testing is a diagnostic tool used to measure airtightness, address condensation issues, increase comfort, and achieve acceptable indoor air quality in homes and businesses. TEG professional energy auditors use calibrated blower door tests to quantify airtightness and diagnose energy and comfort concerns. This test enables owners to make informed decisions that can lower energy costs, improve comfort, and better maintain the home.
Program Development

TEG develops customized demand-side management programs for utilities, communities, and government agencies. Our energy professionals deliver an understanding of customer and stakeholder perspectives, rounded knowledge of local markets, and awareness of exterior resources that can be leveraged. TEG’s streamlined approach addresses various market and system needs, ultimately helping our customers meet their energy and regulatory goals.

Program Delivery
TEG implements energy efficiency programs alongside, or on behalf of, our customers to drive impacts and maximize customer satisfaction. TEG’s interdisciplinary team shapes marketing, measurement and verification, stakeholder feedback, and customer service efforts to maximize successful program enrollment. Additionally, our services are scalable to meet program needs, big and small, for a fully turnkey process.
Project Management
TEG customers rely on us to manage their improvement projects so they can focus on core business functions. Our professional engineering staff helps customers with all aspects of the implementation process; including design, bid administration, and budget management. We deliver vendor-neutral expertise that helps our customers meet their goals with peace of mind, on time and on budget.
Energy Management Planning
TEG partners with customers across all sectors to develop unique, comprehensive energy plans designed to deliver benefits well into the future. We develop a team, set goals, and overcome obstacles. We shape behavioral, structural, and policy initiatives and provide on-going monitoring and feedback. Our role will become less prevalent as our customers gain confidence and build support.
Building Operator Training
TEG provides interactive operator training on a variety of topics tailored to meet our customer needs. In addition to the training material, each session features nationally recognized guest speakers, case studies, and hands-on exercises. Typically, our training sessions also include a site visit to view specific technologies relevant to the class work.