The Energy Group (TEG) has been revitalizing and designing successful energy management programs for more than thirty years. By employing focused products, services, and marketing techniques, TEG helps utilities and institutional clients throughout the Midwest accomplish demand-side management and energy efficiency goals.

Designed to respond to niche market demands, our comprehensive approach to development and marketing of energy efficiency measures helps programs reach their full potential. TEG performs thorough market analysis and forecasting to uncover untapped market segments and establish clear marketing pathways. This results in a multitude of products and services that increase customer participation, driving impacts.

Our team is also equipped to assist with any stage of program delivery, including marketing, administration, fulfillment, measurement and verification. From trade ally development to turnkey solutions, our suite of services and tools can be packaged and tailored to meet the needs of each unique process.

Joint Utility Programs

TEG has helped administer the Low Income Multifamily Program on behalf of Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy, and MidAmerican Energy Company for the last nine years. Designed to serve income-based properties in Iowa, this joint utility program offers enhanced rebates, free installation of select energy efficiency measures, and energy analysis to customers in each investor-owned utilities’ Iowa territory. Our team assists with the marketing, sales, and administrative forces behind the program as well as performs installations and energy analysis for participants. For more information or to get started, contact us.

Thoughtful Design

With continuous advancements in technology and increasingly diverse markets and communication channels, crafting effective programs is more challenging than ever. Through market research and a people-focused methodology we reveal motivating factors for distinct groups of businesses and homeowners. This insight guides development and marketing strategies, producing practical energy efficiency products and services that drive consumer action.
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